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Super White H3 LED Bulbs - $44.99
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 Super Wide Angle High Brightness H3 LED Miniature Bulb

Made from naturally tinted glass - The colour on the bulb will never peel off!

*** Consumes same energy as a halogen bulb; will not trigger any warning sensors or cause signal lights to flash quickly ***


  • Longer lasting than conventional halogen bulbs
  • Non fading colours
  • Unique look

LED Installation

Unlike conventional halogen bulbs, Motorcycle Enhancements' LED Bulbs have polarity. If the bulb does not light up after installed, try re-installing with connection points reversed.

Motorcycle Enhancements LED Bulbs are designed for use on 12V vehicles only


Captioned in the photo on the left are 2 Yamaha Roadstar 1600's. The one on the right is with your basic stock Passing Light bulbs. The one on the left is our Super White LED H3 Passing Light Bulbs (SWLED-H3) installed

Captioned in the photo on the right is the Yamaha Roadstar 1600 that was on the right from the previous photo. Installed Super White LED H3 Passing Light Bulbs (SWLED-H3)

NOTE: Combined this with our Super White LED H4 Headlight Bulb (SWLED-H4) for maximum visiibility on the road.

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