Choosing the Right Exhaust System

The exhaust system plays a critical role in how your motorcycle functions. It helps to route combustion gases away from the rider and the passenger, muffles up the noise, and enhances engine performance. All these attributes suggest that getting the right exhaust for your motorbike can help you to enjoy it more. Hence, you need enough guidance to be able choose rightly when next you’re shopping for an exhaust system for your bike. This article presents you with everything you should know before buying a new aftermarket Exhaust.

How to Know Which Exhaust Is Right for You?

The first thing to know when planning to buy an exhaust for your motorbike is the fact that there are two categories. The two categories of exhaust for motorcycle are: the full system and the slip-on. The difference lies in the fact that while the full exhaust system is connected to the head of the engine, the slip-on is connected to the point where your stock muffler was previously connected before removing it. So, you don’t buy an exhaust because you saw a particular type making certain sound you found admirable. Rather you buy an exhaust system for its functionality and compatibility with your bike. What you want to do with your bike would determine the most suitable exhaust system for you. Let’s get familiar with both categories!

The Full Exhaust System

If you’re looking for medium to high-end power performance, this is the exhaust system for you. So for motorcycle enthusiasts who enjoy running their bike on full throttle or those who constantly go on long trips, the full-system exhaust will come handy as the more suitable replacement exhaust for them. In a nutshell, full exhaust system is ideal for cruising and drag racing.

The Slip-on Exhaust System       

If you use your motorcycle for commuting purpose, the slip-on exhaust is your best bet. It gives your bike the low-end power suitable for the stop-and-go city commuting system. So if you’re not racing with your bike, you should consider choosing the slip-on exhaust system.

Other Things to Consider When Buying a New Exhaust System

After you must have chosen the right exhaust for your motorcycle, there are a few other thing you need to consider if you really want to maximize the performance of your bike. There are a few extra things you need to buy along with your exhaust to improve the performance of your motorcycle. The three basic “extras” you should add alongside the installation of your exhaust system are: fuel management system, gasket, and air cleaner replacement. These supporting elements will help to prevent ugly blueing, engine damage, and untoward performance of the motorcycle.

How Do They Function?

  • Fuel Management System (Power Commander or Jet-kit): Fuel injected motorbikes would require the installation of a power commander, while carbureted bikes require a jet-kit. Installing any of these valuable tools is essential because changing your exhaust means changing the air flow. So, these supportive tools help to regulate the gas flow to balance the mixture of air and fuel.
  • Exhaust Gaskets: Having a gasket replacement will help to prevent leakage and blueing of your exhaust.
  • Air Cleaner: It is not compulsory to replace your old air cleaner but it is recommended. A new air cleaner will allow more air into your newly installed exhaust system, thereby improving performance.

No doubt, the little information above will come handy for you when next you plan to buy a new exhaust system. If you’re looking to have your new exhaust system installed, look no further than Motorcycle Enhancements we are a highly rated motorcycle shop that repairs and services all kinds of motorcycles.