Are the oil lines for your Filter relocation Kit thick enough for proper oil flow?

Our oil lines are fine. Our oil lines have the capacity to flow 2.5 gallons per minute which far exceeds what the Yamaha oil pump can push through the motor & lines(approx 1.5 gallons per minute). There is no restriction in oil flow at all. So please don’t worry about the size of the oil lines. Besides they are aircraft quality Teflon lines covered with stainless steel braid with chrome plated crimp on fittings. Our product has been in production for over two years now without a problem. As a matter of fact people prefer our kit because the filter sits vertical vs. horizontal. With a vertical filter the oil does not drain back into the crankcase allowing for a shorter dry start period, lubricating the engine sooner. We feel that our product has design features that are very unique and not available on the market. Our chrome is great, our lines are great and ours fits with the biggest combination of aftermarket accessories.

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